Events @IISER Kolkata
Aug 2019

Aug 19
Aug 20
Aug 21
Aug 22
Aug 23
Aug 24
Aug 25
  18:00 [discussion] koel das
18:00 Conduct the Fresher's Quiz
18:00 Workshop on basic photography
18:00 [Institute Colloquium] Mr. Tony Joseph & Prof. Partha P Majumder
18:00 [discussion] koel das
18:00 DCS Safety Committee meeting
18:30 "Just A Minute", organized by the Literary Club
18:30 Inquivesta-X Core Committee final list Cult Meeting
21:00 "The Weekly Waste of Time"
18:00 Drama Club (through DoS-office)
21:00 Screening 'Clockwork Orange'
21:00 Screening 'The Killing'
22:30 Weekend Quiz
21:00 Screening 'Apollo 11'
8:00hr    08:00 [MA 4102 extra class] Shibananda Biswas
9:00hr   09:00 Project Closure Committee meeting
   09:00 Zade group meeting
09:15 AM lab group meeting
09:30 [SDS group meeting] sds
10:00hr 10:00 [Stat 2] Satyaki
  10:00 ES4101 Extra class
10:00 Interview for the JRF position of Dr. A.K Roy Lab
10:00 [JRF to SRF viva] Students
10:00 [DCS comprehensive open PhD Seminar] Students
10:00 Group Discussion
11:00hr 11:00 Dept. reviewing meeting
  11:00 [Group Meeting] Prof. Amit Ghosal
11:00 Meeting regarding Volleyball court
11:30 [DCS Visitor's Seminar] Prof. Dilip K. Maiti (University of Calcutta)
11:00 [MA 4105 extra class] Sayan Bagchi
11:00 [Independent study course] Dr. Ananda Dasgupta
11:00 [CH5102 class] parna (na)
11:30 Final Viva Voce of Mrs. Banhisikha Saha
12:00hr    12:00 Group A: Tutorial for MA2102
12:00 Group B: Tutorial for MA2102
12:00 Group C: Tutorial for MA2102
12:00 Group D: Tutorial for MA2102
12:00 Walk-interview
13:00hr   13:00 [JRF to SRF upgradation of Kuheli Biswas at IISER Kolkata] Kuheli Biswas
14:00hr  14:00 [Group Meeting] Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh
14:00 RPC of Mr. Soumik Mitra
14:30 [Time series] Satyaki
14:00 [CH5104 extra class] Sayan Bhattacharyya
14:00 [Extra class] Ashwani Tiwari (IISER K)
14:30 [Directors Meeting] Dr. Ananda Dasgupta
14:00 [Stat 2] Satyaki
  14:00 [Group meeting of Dr. Prasun Mandal] PRASUN K. MANDAL
15:00hr  15:00 [MA 4102 extra class] Shibananda Biswas (IISER Kolkata)
15:00 [Lab Meeting] Prof. Ayan Banerjee
15:00 [DCS Visitor's Seminar] Dr. Chandra N. Patra (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai)
15:00 [DMS Seminar] Dr. Swarnendu Sil (Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik, ETH Zurich)
15:00 [CH3104 make up class] SDS
15:00 [IWD Meeting (Prof. Bipul Pal)] Dr. Sujata Ray
   15:00 [Journal Club Meeting] Ananda Dasgupta (DPS)
15:00 [extra class] koel das
16:00hr 16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:30 [IWD Meeting] Prof. Bipul Pal
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:00 extra class
16:00 [MA 4102 extra class] Shibananda Biswas (IISER Kolkata)
16:00 Group A: Tutorial for MA2102
16:00 Group B: Tutorial for MA2102
16:00 Group C: Tutorial for MA2102
16:00 Group D: Tutorial for MA2102
16:00 DCS Safety Committee meeting
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:00 CLOUD 9' 2019
16:00 CLOUD 9' 2019
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:00 Fluid-Magnetohydrodynamics (SS5101 and PH5110)
16:00 Final viva of Mr. Prateek Verma
16:00 [Time series] Satyaki
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
16:00 Online Courses conducted by IIRS, ISRO
17:00hr  17:00 CLOUD 9' 2019
17:30 Group Meeting of Dr.sayan Bhattacharyya
  17:00 [Final Viva Voce of Sudipta Saha] Sudipta Saha
17:00 DCS Safety Committee meeting