Events @IISER Kolkata
Dec 2019

Dec 30
Dec 31
Jan 1
Jan 2
Jan 3
Jan 4
Jan 5
  20:00 Meeting
Winter Vacation (all years) ends
Registration of new PhD students
Registration for Spring Semester 2020 – all existing students
Classes start for Spring Semester 2020 – all students
18:00 ES4208 today only at 6pm
20:30 Movie Screening
20:30 Movie Screening
18:00 Aarshi (Drama Club)
20:30 Movie Screening
8:00hr 08:00 Salters Chemistry Camp
08:00 Zade Group Meeting
08:00 Salters Chemistry Camp
08:00 Registration for Existing BS-MS
08:00 Registration of New PhD Students
  08:00 Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry
08:00 Frontiers of Inorganic Chemistry
9:00hr   09:00 Lab meet with SKM
10:00hr  10:00 Discussion
10:00 [RA interview] Students
10:00 Registration of Existing IP & RS
10:00 extra class for LS5203
11:00hr 11:00 [PhD viva of Sk. Atiur Rahaman] Sk Atiur Rahaman (IISER Kolkata)
11:00 [Final Viva Voce] Mrinmay Biswas (DMS)
11:30 [SDS group meeting] Students
  11:30 New PhD Orientation
11:30 Orientation Prog of DCS Phd Students
11:00 [MA 4205: Fourier Analysis] Saugata Bandyopadhyay (DMS)
11:30 Academic ethics meeting
11:00 Weekend Quiz
11:30 Group meeting (Prof. Raja Shunmugam)
11:30 DD Lab Meeting
13:00hr    13:00 Video Conference with Sec, MHRD
13:00 [DOIRO Meeting] Prof. Prasanta K. Panigrahi
14:00hr      14:00 Aarshi (Drama Club)
15:00hr    15:00 Meeting with MHRD
15:00 [CCES Seminar] Dr. Shaon Ray Chaudhuri (Tripura University)
16:00hr   16:00 Registration for Existing BS-MS
16:00 Registration of Existing IP & RS
16:00 [RPC of Subhrokoli Ghosh] Prof. Ayan Banerjee
16:00 DD Lab Group meeting
16:30 Lab meeting with M Venkat
17:00hr 17:00 Sayanb lab meet
   17:00 [Group Meeting of Dr. Rahul Bnaerjee] Dr. Rahul Banerjee (Dr. Rahul Banerjee)
17:30 AM lab group meeting
17:00 Suresh Lab Group Meeting