Events @IISER Kolkata
Wednesday, Jan 08, 2020

  18:00 Group Meeting of Prof. Raja Shumnuga
18:00 LS3201
9:00hr 09:00 Alumni Meet
10:00hr 10:30 [Group Meeting] Prof. Amit Ghosal
11:00hr 11:00 Meeting with Vinod Singh
11:00 [DPS Seminar] Dr. Amal Sarkar (University of Los Andes Bogota D.C, Colombia)
14:00hr 14:00 [Group Meeting] Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh
14:00 [DPS Seminar] Dr. Pamir Nag (J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry)
15:00hr 15:00 Placement interview
15:00 Class of Isotope Geology (ES4208)
15:00 [Institute Colloquium] Prof. Vinod K. Singh (IIT Kanpur)
16:00hr 16:15 DD Lab Group meeting
17:00hr 17:30 1st year Class by Director