Events @IISER Kolkata
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2023

  19:00 Group meeting
8:00hr 08:00 MA4207 Lab
9:00hr 09:00 [CH4201] BM
09:30 DMS In-House Symposium
10:00hr 10:00 SDS group meeting
10:00 ssg lab meet
10:30 UGAC meeting
11:00hr 11:00 [RPC] Khursid Alam
12:00hr 12:00 [MA3201] Shibananda Biswas
13:00hr 13:00 DMS In-House Symposium
15:00hr 15:00 MA5202 extra class
15:00 [DPS Seminar] Prof. Prolay Kumar Mal (National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar)
15:00 [PH4206 Extra Class] Amit Ghosal
16:00hr 16:00 [Group Meeting] Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh
16:00 [Group Meeting] Dr. Shourya Dutta-Gupta, Assistant Professor & Ramanujan Fellow (Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering)
17:00hr 17:30 [Seminar - Harassment,Gender and more] Dr. Rama Sivaram