Events @IISER Kolkata
Wednesday, Jun 05, 2024

  19:00 Group meeting
19:30 ICC T20 World Cup Streaming
9:00hr 09:00 Classes for NUJS MSc Forensic Scienc
10:00hr 10:00 [JDS lab meeting] JDS lab meeting
10:00 DPC Meeting
11:00hr 11:00 [Algenraic Curve] Samit Ghosh
12:00hr 12:00 [NEP Implementation committee meeting] Anindita Bhadra
12:00 DPS Faculty Meeting
13:00hr 13:00 [AG lab meeting] AG lab meeting
14:00hr 14:00 [Interview] Sampurna Karmakar
14:45 [HEP Summer Projects] Ritesh Singh (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata)
15:00hr 15:00 [Dr.Neelanjana Sengupta lab meeting] Dr.Neelanjana Sengupta lab meeting