Events @IISER Kolkata
Sep 2017

Sep 11
Sep 12
Sep 13
Sep 14
Sep 15
Sep 16
Sep 17
  18:00 Agmoni
18:00 Agmoni
18:30 [Extra tutorial for first year groupC] Gargi Ghosh
18:00 BM Group meeting
18:00 SCV group meeting
18:30 Show on Kalika Prasad and Mahalaya by Campus radio team
19:00 GBM of SAC Sports
18:00 Dr. Partho Sarothi Ray's group meeting
18:00 DD Lab Group Meeting
18:30 [Remedial class for first year] Satyaki Mazumder
19:00 [PH3103: Extra Class] Ritesh Singh (DPS, IISER Kolkata)
Last date for online submission of Mid-Semester Feedback
18:00 CH3102 class_quiz discussion
18:00 Extra Class
18:15 SCV group meeting
18:30 budget meeting
18:30 Informal Talks between Physics and Math Sutdents
22:15 SKM group meeting
18:30 Informal Talks between Physics and Math Sutdents
8:00hr    08:00 Group Discussion of Prof.Asok K Nanda
9:00hr 09:30 SyMeC Project interview
  09:30 SyMeC Project interview
10:00hr  10:00 SyMeC Project meeting
10:30 Group Meeting of Dr.Malla Reddy
10:00 Graduate Student Seminar (DMS)
10:00 Extra Class by Dr.Dalai
10:00 extra class
10:30 CCC Meeting
  10:00 [PH3105] Dr.Ananda Dasgupta
10:00 AM lab group meeting
10:00 tutorial ma2102
10:15 SKM group meeting
10:15 SKM group meeting
11:00hr 11:00 Dr. Rumi De
11:30 Symplectic Geometry Seminar
11:00 Extra class ES4101
11:00 Extra Class ID4108
11:00 Dr. Golam M Hossain
11:00 Lab Meeting of Dr. Anindita Bhadra
11:30 [MA 4102: Functional Analysis] Saugata Bandyopadhyay (DMS)
11:00 campus monitoring committee meeting
11:30 [extra class] Utsav Choudhury (Assistant professor, DMS)
11:30 [extra class] Utsav Choudhury (Assistant professor, DMS)
12:00hr   12:00 [Pre Submission seminar] Tuhin Samanta (Department of Chemical Sciences IISER Kolkata)
  12:00 PH4101 Tutorial
14:00hr 14:00 Agmoni
14:00 Kutchina people to give demo in regards to kitchen items
  14:00 Student presentations for MA 3102
14:00 Dr. Amit Ghosal
14:00 Meeting called by the Librarian
14:00 Dr. Kamaraju Natarajan
14:00 [DMS Seminar] Dr. Samik Basu (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science)
14:30 [Pre-submission Seminar] Biswarup Ash (DPS, IISER Kolkata)
14:00 Dr. Ayan Banerjee
14:30 PhD comprehensive exam
14:00 PH3101 Tutorial
15:00hr 15:00 Lie Groups & Differential Geometry Seminar
15:30 Agmoni
15:00 Meeting called by the Director regarding space allocation
15:00 Hindi Diwas
15:30 Institute Ranking Committee meeting
15:30 Class MA 5102
15:00 Extra Class LS5102
15:00 IWD committee meeting
15:00 Suresh Lab Group Meeting
15:00 Group Meeting: Supratim Banerjee
16:00hr  16:00 Open PhD seminar of Sreejyothi P
16:30 Ant lab seminar
16:00 Institute Yoga and Meditation Committee meeting
16:15 DBS Dept. meeting
16:00 [Student seminar] Anoop K (DBS)
16:00 Extra Class: MA 5102
16:00 Swachhta Pakwada 2017
16:00 PH3101 Tutorial
16:30 SCV group meeting
17:00hr    17:30 Show on Kalika Prasad and Mahalaya by Campus radio team
17:30 in favour of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) for a meeting